Happy Tree Friends Join Eminem, RWJ In YouTube's Billion Views Club - interview John Evershed - "One of the key reasons John has been successful is because his shows cross cultural lines.  He's creating versions of his shows in Italy and Germany. There are 'Happy Tree Friends' stores in Japan. It's crazy what he's done with his brands." - LINK

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Mondo Laughs Its Way to the Top of  YouTube - Interview John Evershed - "He jumped at opportunities early.  He was one of the first to start putting cartoons into iTunes as podcasts," says Seibert. "He was early in YouTube. As painful as it was, he knew he had something, and eventually the audience caught up with him." - LINK

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Apollo Gauntlet: How Adult Swim's New Series Went From Web to TV - First off, let’s talk a little on transitioning from a web series that you were largely doing by yourself into an Adult Swim series like this. - LINK

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Mondo Launches ‘Night Sweats’ on Adult Swim Canada - The program uses YouTube to test the relative popularity of pilot shorts by measuring the views and user feedback to determine which series to expand into larger orders and longer formats. - LINK

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Studio behind Happy Tree Friends Turning to Canada for Next Big Idea - "Mondo Media, is teaming up with Toronto-based Blue Ant Media for a $3-million project to turn up to 30 pitches from Canadian writers and producers into pilots for shows." - LINK


Mondo Teams with Toy Company to Entertain Kids on YouTube - “Spin Master has a full 360 degree view of the 6-11 consumer,” said Mondo Media CEO John Evershed, “YouTube’s massive kid’s audience, super-fun shows and toys. Sounds like a winning formula to me.”